Send-In: Christopher Lloyd "Doc Brown" Back to the Future Autographed Personal Item

Send-In: Christopher Lloyd "Doc Brown" Back to the Future Autographed Personal Item

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You can now send your own items in to be signed by Christopher Lloyd!

Please read our 
SEND-IN POLICY before selecting this product.

For Service Type, please select the Level that best describes the type of personal item you will be mailing us based upon the descriptions provided below.

Select LEVEL A only for these items:
Trading Card or Plaque; or
8x10 or 8.5x11; or
11x14, 11x17 or 12x18; or
Magazine, Comic Book or Small Book (12x18 or less); or
Paper Blu-Ray/DVD Cover or LP Coveror
License Plate

Select LEVEL B only for these items:
16x20 or 18x24; or
Rolled/Folded Poster (27x41 or smaller); or
Funko or Action Figure (6" Box/Card or smaller); or

Select LEVEL C only for these items:
Action Figure (7" Box/Card or larger); or
Large Book (13x19 or larger); or
Full-Size Prop or Hoverboard; or
DeLorean Car Model; or
Statue Base

For any items not listed, please email us here to inquire BEFORE placing your order. If you are mailing from outside of the US, we highly recommend an EXPRESS type shipping service or your item may not arrive in time for the signing.

REQUIRED: All send-in personal items must include a copy of your Super Collector order receipt - one copy per item please.  All packages received without a copy of your Super Collector order receipt will be subject to an additional $10 handling fee upon return shipping.  Return shipping on send-in items will be billed at actual cost and quoted shortly after the signing event.