Send-In: Michael J. Fox Autographed Personal Item

Send-In: Michael J. Fox Autographed Personal Item

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You can now send your own items in to be signed by Michael J. Fox

Please read our SEND-IN POLICY for deadlines and mail-in address before selecting this product:

For Service Type, please select the Level that best describes the type of personal item you will be mailing us based upon the descriptions provided below.

Want to add 'Marty' character name to ANY previously signed item?
- Select the Level service type of your send-in item
- Select the No Beckett Sticker option
- Select the Add 'Marty' To Existing Autograph Only option
- Add to the Your Send-In Item Description text box
- Click the Add to Cart button

Select LEVEL A only for these items:
8x10 or 8.5x11

Select LEVEL B only for these items:
11x14, 11x17, 12x18 or 13x19; or
Trading Card, Plaque, or Sign (13x19 or smaller); or

Standard Funko POP Box (flattened w/o contents); or
Comic Book, Script, Book, Sign, Magazine or Newspaper; or
Blu-Ray/DVD/Laserdisc/VHS (Case, Sleeve, Insert or Disc); or
LP Record/Cassette Tape/CD (Case, Sleeve, Insert or Disc); or
Video Game (Case, Sleeve, Insert or Disc); or

 LEVEL C only for these items:
Action Figure; or
License Plate
; or
Statue or Prop Replica (base only); or
Full-Size Hoverboard Pad (separated part)

Select LEVEL D only for these items:
16x20 or 18x24or
Rolled/Folded Poster (24x36 or larger)

Select LEVEL E only for these items:
DeLorean Scale Model (6-12 inches bumper-to-bumper); or
Jacket or Wearable Clothing (excluding shoes)

For LEVEL F items, contact to order:
Hoverboard (Full-Size) / Skateboard Prop Replica; or
Guitar Pickguard (separated part)
; or
Sign (16x20 or larger)
; or
Statue or Prop Replica (excludes Level G items); or
Standard (or larger) Funko POP Box (non-flattened)

For LEVEL G items, contact to order:
DeLorean Scale Model (12-24 inches bumper-to-bumper); or
Flux Capacitor or Mr. Fusion Prop Replica
; or
Full-Size Guitar
; or
Camcorder (or similar) Full-Size Video Prop Replica; or 
Shoes (excluding Nike-branded models)
; or
Sport Equipment (excluding baseballs or similar rounded surfaces)

For LEVEL H items, contact to order:
Pepsi Perfect Prop Replica (Canister Only - no liquids)

For LEVEL I items, contact to order:
Any Full-Size DeLorean Vehicle Part
  (such as sun visor, air filter, glove compartment door, or similar)

NOT ACCEPTED: Any round or curved objects (such as baseballs or Pepsi bottles); DeLorean models less than 6 inches in length; any DeLorean model with a hood already signed by someone else); or Nike shoes. 

For any items not listed above, please email us to inquire BEFORE sending your item or placing your order.  If you are mailing from outside of the US, we highly recommend an EXPRESS type shipping service or your item may not arrive in time for the signing.

REQUIRED: All send-in personal items must include a copy of your Super Collector order receipt - one copy per item please.  All packages received without a copy of your Super Collector order receipt will be subject to an additional $10 handling fee upon return shipping.  Return shipping on send-in items will be billed at actual cost and quoted shortly after the signing event.

Shipping Insurance (Domestic USA Orders):  Your item can be insured for whatever amount you advise us. Be aware, there are additional fees for insurance. If you do not specify the amount of insurance you want, the default of $100, for domestic US orders using FedEx or USPS Priority Mail, and $0 for USPS 1st Class Mail, will be placed on your package. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items during shipping if the insurance amount is less than your order amount. Most orders are sent via FedEx. FedEx Express packaging (envelops, PAKs, boxes) can only be insured up to $500 per package. Non FedEx packaging, aka Customer Packing, can be insured to a maximum of $2,000 and would require a signature.

Declared Customs Value & Shipping Insurance (International Orders):  As this is your item and the declared value is on the actual value of the item not necessarily any collectible or autograph added value, you must specify the amount you are declaring and or insuring for your shipment. Be aware, there are additional fees for insurance. If you state a value for declaration and insurance less than the order amount you paid to Super Collector, you accept any and all responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items during shipping and indemnify Super Collector and will not hold Super Collector responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items during shipping. Furthermore, you acknowledge there will be no attempt at any charge back, claim or refund request if you decide not to insure or declare for the amount of your purchase is lost, stolen or damaged items during shipping.